#066 Shaun Gladwell

Shaun Gladwell (b. 1972, Australia)
Skateboarders vs Minimalism, 2016

MCA Sydney, visited 08/09/2019

An unanticipated and cool way to engage with art objects – to skate all over them. There is something about different mode of interaction with art that in itself is art-generative… I did not spend much time watching the videos (most likely I would have skated on the works for quite a while if I only knew how to ride a board), but so much more appreciating the concept itself… And yet, I do think that I appreciate it more, knowing that the concept was actually realised…

Shaun Gladwell (b. 1972, Australia)
Reversed Readymade (Augmented Reality), 2019

MCA Sydney

But come on… to ride a Duchampian readymade… to ‘return functionality’ to the object, yet in a form of most dysfunctional function – to pose with the object in the art gallery… I cannot help but like the irony of that… and yet again I find it inspiring to see how unexpected bodily engagement with an artwork can generate something new… Coolio!

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