#153 Atkinson & Baldwin

Air-conditioning Show / Air Show / Frameworks 1966-7 Art & Language (Terry Atkinson, born 1939; Michael Baldwin, born 1945) null Purchased 2011

Terry Atkinson (b. 1939, UK)
Michael Baldwin (b. 1945, UK)
Air-conditioning Show, 1967

A tricky one. I tend to hate exhibitions that only show documentation. And yet, I do rather frequently realise nowadays, that some ideas are just too complicated for immediate execution – but nevertheless are interesting ideas. So, possibly, it is better to document them (which also may lead to a later execution – like this piece being executed in 1972 by Kosuth) then just to dismiss. And for that purpose it is good to have some art historical examples like this to be able to refer to in the case of emergency.

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