#156 Perpetua Butler

Perpetual Butler (b. 1947, USA – d. 2008)
Negative Space Hole, 1967

I was unable to find a photograph of this invisible sculpture – perhaps for the rather obvious reasons. Even if there are some reports of it having been exhibited, or at least the labels on the wall have been seen to claim so.

I am working on some works that may not have so much more materiality than that, either, so it is good to know what the predecessors have been up to. However, I work on those in my spare time from making visible and/or audible works – just to make sure I can get equally visible grades.

In her quest to understand the dematerialization of art, Butler once boldly asked for permission from Jim Melchert, her art professor at UC Berkeley, to take a semester off from school and receive all “A”‘s so that she could study invisibility, to which he agreed. I wonder if I should make a similar request myself. On the other hand, what would I do with “A”s at RMIT?

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