#001 Dane Mitchell

Dane Mitchell (b. 1976, New Zealand)
Post hoc, 2019

Installation (fragment)
Venice Biennale 2019, Italy
Visited 17/08/2019

Sonic element in a conceptual work.
Peculiar emulation of nothingness/nowhere/absence (?)
Absence as reinforced lingering presence.
Physical vs conceptual existence.
Large scale and complexity.
Creative penetration of urban landscape.

Plenty of other cool stuff to be followed up in his oeuvre.


#002 Ryoji Ikeda

Ryoji Ikeda (b. 1966, Japan)
supersymmetry, 2014

Installation (fragment)
MONA, Hobart (TAS), Australia
Visited 31/12/2017

Monumental minimalism.
Those magical small sounds in overwhelming amount.