#148 François Morellet

François Morellet (b. 1926, France – d. 2016)
La Défonce, 1990

Paris, France

Monumental minimalism again.

But I do like his smaller works a lot, too.
His obsession with mathematics and geometry appeals to me, as I do see a lot of aesthetics in there, too – and very conceptual aesthetics at that. That nevertheless are embodied and eye-pleasing 🙂


#121 Dan Graham

Dan Graham (b. 1942, USA)
March 31st, 1966, 1966


More relevant for what I am up to than anyone could guess.


#119 Rachel Arianne Ogle

Rachel Arianne Ogle (Australia)
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night, 2019

Dance Massive, Substation, visited 15/03/2019

Very minimalistic dance against the backdrop of sounds and projections generated in real time on intercepted radio and cosmic signals.

Just the kind of unexpected combo of elements in just the kind of aesthetics that I’m trying to engage with myself.


#115 Zimoun

Zimoun (b. 1977, Switzerland)
435 prepared dc-motors, 2030 cardboard boxes 35x35x35cm, 2017


#114 Max Neuhaus

Max Neuhaus (b. 1939, USA – d. 2009, Italy)
Times Square, 1977


Low key sound installation in public space.


#111 Eugene Carchesio

Eugene Carchesio (b. 1960, Australia)
The Brutalist, 2019

Margaret Lawrence Gallery, visited 21/09/2019

One more whom I kinda hate to like.
Come on, a couple of stacked matchboxes? Even if casting cool shadows…

But this piece totally charmed me – not least due to the changing perception of forms based on the angle of gaze… And that’s how it (vaguely) relates to my agenda – I am always on the lookout for surprising perspectives…

[And it was quite a surprise to realise that this is already a second entry in this blog on the same artist… oh well, I am not good with names… well played, sneaky Eugene, well played!]


#066 Shaun Gladwell

Shaun Gladwell (b. 1972, Australia)
Skateboarders vs Minimalism, 2016

MCA Sydney, visited 08/09/2019

An unanticipated and cool way to engage with art objects – to skate all over them. There is something about different mode of interaction with art that in itself is art-generative… I did not spend much time watching the videos (most likely I would have skated on the works for quite a while if I only knew how to ride a board), but so much more appreciating the concept itself… And yet, I do think that I appreciate it more, knowing that the concept was actually realised…

Shaun Gladwell (b. 1972, Australia)
Reversed Readymade (Augmented Reality), 2019

MCA Sydney

But come on… to ride a Duchampian readymade… to ‘return functionality’ to the object, yet in a form of most dysfunctional function – to pose with the object in the art gallery… I cannot help but like the irony of that… and yet again I find it inspiring to see how unexpected bodily engagement with an artwork can generate something new… Coolio!


#062 Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley (b. 1950, UK)
Untitled, 1990 (plate 4 from Body and Soul Portfolio)


#046 Martin Creed

Martin Creed (b. 1968, UK)
Work No. 189, Thirty Nine metronomes beating time, one at every speed, 1998

Linked in from GOMA

In principle, I should like him. Working on it.


#028 Robert Barry

Robert Barry (b. 1936, USA)
One Million Dots

Visited on 13/08/2019

‘Nothing seems to me the most potent thing in the world’, he said. I am quite inclined to agree.

‘The piece consists of the ideas that people will have from reading this interview… The piece in its entirety is unknowable because it exists in the mind of so many people. Each person can really know that part which is in his own mind.’ He totally speaks my language, my words, even.

Non-material works. Yay!!!