#169 Stefan Peterson

Stefan Peterson (Sweden)
Dancing with myself, 2016

He wants to convince his wife that he’s not just a boring office guy, so he goes dancing naked in the woods taking pictures of himself.

Such a lovely non sequitur and a very productive way to enact something with very economic means, also exploring body movement, odd locations, sound and its absence, still and moving image – a lot of components that I am also trying to combine.


#167 Antony Hamilton

Antony Hamilton (Australia)
Token Armies, 2019

Chunky Moves, Melbourne

Dance expanded.
Humans. Horse. Dog. Flowers. Props. Sounds. Lights. Ponchos. Audience.

Inspiring overriding of disciplinary boundaries.
Inspiring expansion of “what a dance (performance) could be”.
Inspiring volume of the space where there is no optimal vantage point from where you could see it all all the time – which ties into my current project on perspective.


#166 Trisha Brown

Trisha Brown (b. 1936, USA – d. 2017)
It’s a Draw, 2002

Dance as a drawing, drawing as a dance.

Very related to my earlier project “Imperfect Man as Perfect Measure”, but I am always curious about mixing media and ways how one type of practice can render work traditionally attributed to another kind of practice. Blurring of the boundaries.


#139 Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg (b. 1925, USA – d. 2008)
Erased de Kooning Drawing, 1953

It’s like making a marble sculpture – ‘just remove the unnecessary parts’… Inspires me to seek for application of that principle in other media.


#119 Rachel Arianne Ogle

Rachel Arianne Ogle (Australia)
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night, 2019

Dance Massive, Substation, visited 15/03/2019

Very minimalistic dance against the backdrop of sounds and projections generated in real time on intercepted radio and cosmic signals.

Just the kind of unexpected combo of elements in just the kind of aesthetics that I’m trying to engage with myself.


#117 Amanda Coogan

Amanda Coogan (b. 1971, Ireland)
I’ll sing you a song from around the town, 2015

RHA Gallery, Dublin, visited in September 2015

Sculptures-performances that stun the audience.


#116 Tino Sehgal

Tino Sehgal (b. 1976, UK)

I’m still to experience his actual works, but according to descriptions available – of works themselves as well as their very dematerialised framing and documentation – this is something that highly appeals to me.

Situations generative of meaning and experience rather than of stale documentation…


#103 Daniel Crooks

Daniel Crooks (b. 1973, New Zealand)
Train No.1, 2005

QAGOMA Brisbane, visited on 02/09/2019

An inspiring way to manipulate video material.


#097 Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae (b. 1979, UK)
Bart Hess (b. 1984, Netherlands)
Star gazing, 2007

NGV Australia, visited on 10/09/2019

#091 Yuki Kihara

Yuki Kihara (b. 1975, Samoa)
Siva in Motion, 2012

QAGOMA Brisbane, visited 03/09/2019

Very evocative work combining dance and creative video editing – and display…