#169 Stefan Peterson

Stefan Peterson (Sweden)
Dancing with myself, 2016

He wants to convince his wife that he’s not just a boring office guy, so he goes dancing naked in the woods taking pictures of himself.

Such a lovely non sequitur and a very productive way to enact something with very economic means, also exploring body movement, odd locations, sound and its absence, still and moving image – a lot of components that I am also trying to combine.


#150 Unknown

Stop having kids, 2019

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

I envy people’s boldness to put up their stuff in public space.

I don’t even know for sure why I don’t do that myself – just chickening out, too conditioned to respect the rules, having conceptual concerns with unsolicited enforcement of something onto somebody when I can myself complain about others doing that… since I kinda only appreciate it when I like the message, artistic content or the aesthetics of the contribution… so yeah, firstly I would need to pass my internal quality control, then to find a place and way to place it that feels right and finally find the guts to carry it out… oh well, maybe tomorrow.


#148 François Morellet

François Morellet (b. 1926, France – d. 2016)
La Défonce, 1990

Paris, France

Monumental minimalism again.

But I do like his smaller works a lot, too.
His obsession with mathematics and geometry appeals to me, as I do see a lot of aesthetics in there, too – and very conceptual aesthetics at that. That nevertheless are embodied and eye-pleasing 🙂


#142 Robert Janz

Robert Janz (b. 1932, Ireland)
Water glyph no 5

Janz’s water glyphs are made to disappear and transform before the viewer’s eyes. The evaporation is part of the process and story.

I am always looking for unexpected sites for works, I like minimalistic gestures, I like works that are not static. I find this inspiring.


#140 Maura Sheehan

Maura Sheehan (USA)
Urban alterations (?)

Not sure about the name and image, but I’ve come across references to her designating parts of American cities as art, usually by adding monochrome paint to them. I like idea of appropriating pre-existing urban structures into own work.


#128 Sadamasa Motonaga

Sadamasa Motonaga (b. 1922, Japan – d. 2011)
Sakuhin, 1956

Whatever that is, it’s unexpected, odd and outdoors.
Just one of those categories-breaking works that I find inspiring when trying to do the same.


#126 James Lee Byars

James Lee Byars (b. 1932, USA – d. 1997, Egypt)
World Question Centre, 1969

I appreciate how he lets others to fill his piece with content.
And hey, to have it broadcasted on the national tv live… Super cool!

Nice hat, too.


#124 Catherine Sylvain

Catherine Sylvain (b. 1976, Canada)
Femme-Chute II ou La demeure, 2001

Transgression of borders and categories – conceptually and physically..


#123 Becky Stern

Becky Stern (b. 1985, USA)
Laptop Compubody Sock, 2008



#122 Marepe


Marepe (b. 1970, Brasil)
Cabeça Acústica

Sculpture – wearable – acoustic device – communication interface – connection between bodies – …