#160 Cildo Meireles

Babel 2001 Cildo Meireles born 1948 Purchased jointly by Tate, London (with the assistance of the Latin American Acquisitions Committee) and the D.Daskalopoulos Collection, 2013, as a promised gift to Tate

Cildo Meireles (b. 1948, Brasil)
Babel, 2001

Sound sculpture is very cool. Conceptual sound sculpture is even cooler.


#130 Saburo Murakami

Saburo Murakami (b. 1925, Japan – d. 1996)

Body. Movement. Frame. Painting.

Or whatever. Odd combination of recognisable elements creates something that is difficult to categorise – and I like things that subvert too entrenched categories, provoking new thoughts and opening new horizons.


#128 Sadamasa Motonaga

Sadamasa Motonaga (b. 1922, Japan – d. 2011)
Sakuhin, 1956

Whatever that is, it’s unexpected, odd and outdoors.
Just one of those categories-breaking works that I find inspiring when trying to do the same.


#117 Amanda Coogan

Amanda Coogan (b. 1971, Ireland)
I’ll sing you a song from around the town, 2015

RHA Gallery, Dublin, visited in September 2015

Sculptures-performances that stun the audience.


#111 Eugene Carchesio

Eugene Carchesio (b. 1960, Australia)
The Brutalist, 2019

Margaret Lawrence Gallery, visited 21/09/2019

One more whom I kinda hate to like.
Come on, a couple of stacked matchboxes? Even if casting cool shadows…

But this piece totally charmed me – not least due to the changing perception of forms based on the angle of gaze… And that’s how it (vaguely) relates to my agenda – I am always on the lookout for surprising perspectives…

[And it was quite a surprise to realise that this is already a second entry in this blog on the same artist… oh well, I am not good with names… well played, sneaky Eugene, well played!]


#089 Rosslynd Piggott

Rosslynd Piggott (b. 1958, Australia)
Suspended breath, 1996

NGV Australia, visited 17/08/2019

It’s always fund to make something out of thin air.
Even if it takes silver leaf and a carpenter and a glassblower.

I am trying to think of it as something conceptual – and I almost make it, but sooner or later the subtle sensuality of its material presentation tries to take over and, quite often, succeeds.


#087 Dwyer & Williams

Mikala Dwyer (b. 1959, Australia)
Justene Williams (b.1970, Australia)
Mondspiel/[Moon Play], 2019

Buxton Contemporary, Melbourne, visited 31/08/2019

Come on… rocking theremin sculptures… they’ve got theremins in them!!!


#083 Ben Quilty

Ben Quilty (b.1973, Australia)
Various works…

QAGOMA Brisbane, visited 02/09/2019

Fat rich brushstrokes… Unpainted patches of canvas… Rorschach test paintings… painted objects… tweaked realism… same same but different different…


#075 Aleks Danko

Aleks Danko (b. 1950, Australia)
Art Stuffing, 1970

AGNSW Sydney, visited 07/07/2019

Well… it’s art stuffing…

In the Supermarket art fair in Stockholm a couple of years ago I purchased a small paper bag of art. Oh no, I got it as a gift when I bought another piece, a clockwork can of Campbell soup showing a finger…

I thing I just like art coming in bags. Maybe that’s how I should deliver mine, too.


#073 Moorman & Paik

Charlotte Moorman (b. 1933, USA – d. 1991)
Nam June Paik (b. 1932, Korea – d. 2006)
TV cello, 1976

AGNSW Sydney / AGSA Adelaide, visited 07/09/2019

Video-sculpture. I’m almost satisfied with that concept alone. Although it’s nice to see a lovely realisation, too. All odd media mixes feel relevant to me.